In 2010, two Marine Corps Veterans, Will McNulty and Jake Woods, saw the devastation in Haiti after a 7.0 earthquake and knew they could help.  They deployed themselves there with a small team to use the medical and first responder skills they developed in the military to help the victims of Haiti.  They reached out to the outlying and forgotten areas where traditional service organizations didn’t have time to help or where the areas were deemed too dangerous.  From this mission Team Rubicon was born.

Team Rubicon is a disaster relief organization that gives Vets and others in the community a chance to continue to serve our country, help people suffering from natural disasters around the United States and the internationally, and creates the great community that many Veterans miss after leaving the service.

Jake, Will and all of Team Rubicon have been recognized by the President, First Lady, and the Secretary of State for all their accomplishments.  They are now sought out speakers on leadership and Veteran issues.   Check out Jake’s TedTalk here:

“Team Rubicon is proud to partner with the Toast Our Vets Foundation.  TOV’s events that celebrate service and highlight veteran reintegration coincide with the principles that drive Team Rubicon.  TOV’s donations were instrumental in deploying teams on Operation: Seabird in support of Super Typhoon Haiyan”

-Jake Woods, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer


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