The Vet Hunters Project is an organization dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness for Veterans and Veteran families.  Their grass roots approach fights for Veterans on the streets themselves where they find many displaced Veterans.  They are also creating new and innovative training programs that help Veterans find jobs that can provide them with pride and income to get their lives back on track.  This all volunteer organization takes pride in making a difference in individual Veteran lives.  They have received countless awards to include the 2012 KCET Heroes of the year and 2013 Todos Somos Heroes from Telemundo.


“We cannot thank you enough for the generous support and donations to Vet Hunters. We have been able to bless many Veterans/Families with emergency support ranging from eviction prevention, housing placement, food, hotels until housing option opens up and much more. Donations like your help us make what may seem impossible, possible. We have a saying here at Vet Hunters “No Red tape is how we operate.” You my friend, help keep us this way and in the fight daily in hopes to remove the word Homeless away from Veterans for all who served. Thank you again from all of us at Vet Hunters and the Veterans we are so honored and humbled to assist. Toast Our Vets brings true meaning to “We support our Troops!””

– Joe Leal, President and Founder

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